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Occupational Health Nurses Interest Group (OHNIG)

Nursing Week - May 11-17, 2015

Occupational Health Nurses

"With You Every Step of the Way”

Rally Call

Calling all
Occupational Health Nurses

Pro Active Value Added
Occupational Health & Safety
To Achieve
Healthy Workers in Healthy
 Workplace Environments

Join our
Public Education Campaign
For Recognition
All Registered Nurses Delivering
Specialized Nursing Care Services

Actively Engage Public
Participation for Sustainable
Future Health Care System

Distribute this printable booklet
Educate the Public Community
To the Diversity of Nursing Care
Services Delivered by
Registered Nurses
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word by sending this link
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Primary Health Care Leads to Better Health!

Primary Health Care (PHC) is a global model that delivers client centered health care in the community where people "live, work and play". PHC is based on defined principles (essential, accessible, equitable, collaborative and using the appropriate technology) and account for the social determinants of health... click here >

OHNIG Champions the Specialized
Nursing Practice of Occupational Health Nurses

OHNIG Champions the Specialized Nursing Practice of Occupational Health Nurses